Ed Tant


People’s Bicentennial brings political fireworks to Washington on  July 4, 1976

Thousands  of Americans rallied in Washington, DC  during the nation’s 200th anniversary  on July 4, 1976.  The People’s  Bicentennial organized and educated around issues like the growing power of multinational corporations and governmental corruption in the post-Watergate era.  Thirty years later,  the concerns voiced by the People’s Bicentennial still resonate.

New York: Peace rally, 1982

Great Atlanta Pot Festival, 1992

Militarism was on the minds of many in 1999, and protests took place at Fort Benning, GA (above) and outside the Pentagon  (right) in that year.  The  annual protest in Georgia at the School of the Americas  training facility  is attended by thousands each year who carry crosses commemorating the dead and imprisoned in Latin America who were victims of the school’s military  graduates. At the Pentagon near Washington in 1999, a young man used street theatre to question the Clinton administration’s bombing of Yugoslavia.

New York’s streets were clogged with nearly a million peace marchers in 1982. In Atlanta in 1992, thousands rallied for reform of marijuana laws.

Chicago: Counter-convention in Windy City  challenges Democrats’ big bash

Photo by The Unknown Tourist

Chicago Seven defendant and longtime activist Dave Dellinger spoke through a bullhorn at a nighttime march through the Windy City (left) and posed with his grandson Seth on the city’s streeets during protests outside the Democratic National Convention in 1996. Dellinger was an organizer of antiwar protests against the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968.  In the center photo, I’m at the gravesite of the Chicago Haymarket anarchist martyrs who were hanged in the city in 1887.

Washington, DC:  July 4, 1997

Activist Dave Dellinger and historian Howard Zinn at a 1997 Washington birthday party for Ron Kovic, author of  “Born on the Fourth of July.” The same weekend, a festive mood also prevailed at the annual July 4 hemp rally in Washington.

School of Americas rally draws crowd in Georgia

Pentagon march, 1999